Tax Planning

There is more to preparing your taxes than simply filling out forms at tax time. It’s also about understanding our clients’ needs and helping them plan for a secure future.  Our tax planning services include:

  • Based on careful analysis of your tax situation, ensure you take every tax credit and deduction you deserve on your tax return.
  • We help you set up a recordkeeping system that meets IRS requirements.
  • We work with you all year long–not just at tax time to develop tax planning strategies that lower your tax bill.
  • We review and adjust your paycheck withholding so that it accurately reflects your tax situation and helps with your current cash flow and avoids unpleasant surprises on April 15th.
  • We help you understand how to defer tax liabilities through pension plans, retirement contributions, Health Savings Accounts, and similar plans.
  • We make sure you take advantage of certain investments to produce tax-exempt income (federal or state or both).

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