Business Tax Preparation

As a business owner, you’re busy developing new products or services and making sure your business runs smoothly. You probably don’t have time to reconcile your bank account or generate balance sheets to manage your cash flow, let alone read up on the latest tax laws to find out which tax breaks are applicable to your business.  As your advisors, we evaluate your business tax situation and guide you through any tax challenges that develop.

Our goal is to minimize your tax liability so that you can keep more of your hard-earned money.  It’s also our job to stay up-to-date on current federal and state tax laws through continuing education and we use our in-depth knowledge of tax codes when we prepare your business tax returns — so you don’t miss out on any tax credits and deductions that you are entitled to take.  Our tax preparation services for businesses include:

  • Preparing accurate income tax returns (including all related forms and schedules) that are filed on time using our best-in-class professional software
  • Meeting local and state sales tax compliance requirements
  • Assisting with personal property and business license requirements
  • Preparing amended tax returns
  • Minimizing tax liabilities through the use of proven tax planning strategies
  • Electronically filing and direct deposits for a faster tax refund
  • Filing extensions and calculating estimated tax to avoid interest and penalties

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